"José Luís Peixoto is one of the most surprising revelations from recent Portuguese literature"

- José Saramago, Nobel Prize-winning author of Blindness

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A Child in Ruins is the first translation into English of the poetry of José Luís Peixoto. Published by Writ Large Press, the collection represents a selection from Peixoto's three books of poetry that have been published in Portuguese: A Criança em Ruínas (The Child in Ruins), first published in 2001, A Casa, a Escuridão (The House, the Darkness), first published in 2002, and Gaveta de Papéis (Paper Drawer), first published in 2008. 

A Criança em Ruínas won the Award of the Portuguese Society of Authors as the best book of poetry published in that year. 

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This book is a love letter to the place where I grew up, and the account of my heartbreak at moving beyond it. The book was written long before I left the Ironbound, and in hindsight I wonder if, even back then, I was trying to justify to myself the decision I had already made.
— from On ironbound - an essay


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