cred: Daniel Wylie

cred: Daniel Wylie

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Then, there - stories

from Spuyten Duyvil 

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Praise for Then, there:

“a whirlwind collection of short and micro ghostings . . . . And humanity always painted with a delicate stroke, fleshed out large in all its flawed beauty.”

—Kia Corthron, author of The Castle Cross the Magnet Carter



“. . . a hypnotic . . . . transporting book . . . . It feels like one long love poem and reads like a thriller.” 

—Alice Dark, author of Think of England and In the Gloaming



“unflinching and heartfelt . . . . Then, there gives us Newark, if Newark were home.”

—Annie Liontas, author of Let Me Explain You



“These tough, beautiful stories draw to human darkness, not simply to tell us what we already know, but out of a belief that we can’t see light without walking with its twin. . . . a dazzling, lasting achievement.”

—Paul Lisicky, author of The Narrow Door: A Memoir of Friendship



“a startling, poetic vision . . . . an honesty that makes our hearts sing. These characters pursue ‘the little freedoms,’ and the constriction of their dreaming tells us, with artistic force, how terribly we have made one another invisible.”

—Katherine Vaz, author of Saudade, Mariana, Fado & Other Stories, Our Lady of the Artichokes & Other Portuguese-American Stories, The Love Life of An Assistant Animator

A Child in Ruins is the first English translation of the poetry of José Luís Peixoto. Published by Writ Large Press, the collection represents a selection from Peixoto's three books of poetry: A Criança em Ruínas (The Child in Ruins), first published in 2001, A Casa, a Escuridão (The House, the Darkness), first published in 2002, and Gaveta de Papéis (Paper Drawer), first published in 2008. A Criança em Ruínas won the 2001 Award of the Portuguese Society of Authors as the best book of poetry published that year. 

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**A Child in Ruins is a staff pick at The Paris Review**

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"José Luís Peixoto is one of the most surprising revelations from recent Portuguese literature"

- José Saramago, Nobel Prize-winning author of Blindness

This book is a love letter to the place where I grew up, and the account of my heartbreak at moving beyond it. The book was written long before I left the Ironbound, and in hindsight I wonder if, even back then, I was trying to justify to myself the decision I had already made.
— from On ironbound - an essay

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